7 Best Shoes For Orangetheory Fitness Reviews 2022 [Our Top Picks]

Orangetheory Fitness has taken the world by storm in recent times. Ever since the pandemic, people have become more and more conscious about their fitness and overall health. And workouts like Orangetheory have really helped such people to fulfill their desired health goals.

Orangetheory workout focuses primarily on strength and endurance. Pushing your body to its absolute limit and finding your inner comfort zone amidst all that chaos – that’s what Orangetheory Fitness is all about. And like any other cross-training workout, you need to rely heavily on special gym shoes to survive all that.

As such, we’ll be reviewing the 7 best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness in today’s article. Considering that OrangeTheory workouts help you to burn more calories, it’s important that you don’t lose your breathability. 

In fact, not just breathability, you need to maintain several factors like comfort, stress, strain, etc. all at once. Let’s have a look at all the cross-training workout shoes that can help you to achieve all that, shall we? 

Don’t forget to glance over the buying guide section either. It’ll help you with the necessary input to prepare more cautiously in advance. 

Best Shoes For Orange Theory: Overview

How Can The Right Shoes Boost OrangeTheory Fitness Effectiveness?

According to Allyson G Box and Steven J Petruzzello in a study regarding high-intensity interval exercises – OrangeTheory fitness is pretty high up the list due to its increasing popularity. It’s known to deliver significant psychological benefits as well alongside the blatantly obvious physical ones.

But to achieve that, it follows that people need to go through rigorous exercising sessions. And OrangeTheory is such a sector in which you can’t give up midway. If you begin something, you’ll have no choice but to see it to the end. As such, you need the right training equipment in addition to the right apparel including shoes.

And no regular sneakers or loafers aren’t going to cut in here. Because the soles will wear out way too fast and you’ll develop calluses from all the friction. So, yes, in terms of physical and psychological effectiveness, the right OrangeTheory shoes can truly make a difference. 

Top 4 Orange Theory Shoes: Prominent Features

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

New Balance Fuelcore Nergize V1
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New Balance Fuelcore Nergize V1

Synthetic-mesh combination Cotton-polyester combination
PDAC A5500 Diabetic certified Affordable pricing
DNA LOFT Crash-Pad extra soft cushioning REVlite midsole cushioning
3D engineered dynamic mesh uppers NB memory foam soles for comfort
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Adidas Grand Court Sneaker
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Adidas Grand Court Sneaker

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 23
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Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23

Textile-leather combination Low-top arch support
Pillow-soft cushioning Extremely lightweight
Multiple variations Enhanced traction and flexibility
Optimal shock absorption Iconic wave technology
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7 Best Shoes For Orangetheory Fitness: Detailed Reviews & FAQs

It’s easy to figure out that you need special shoes for your orange theory classes. But to actually determine which shoes are as fitting for such actions? That’s a whole different drama.

Worry not since our team worked for a whole weekend to find the best type of shoes for working out. We took several factors into consideration and came up with a list of the seven best shoes for exercise class workouts. So, sit back and read up on all about their respective attributes and special functionalities. 

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21

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We’re keeping the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 at the very top of today’s list for two specific reasons. The first one is the gorgeous synthetic design with eye-pleasing pattern variations, of course.

The second reason is the APMA Seal Of Acceptance. In the workout world, this seal’s a really big deal and it indirectly approves these shoes for all sorts of heavy training sessions. So, that’s a plus point since we’re considering these shoes for OrangeTheory fitness workouts. 

Q: Can these shoes keep up with fast running?

Yes, the BioMoGo DNA technology is specifically developed so these shoes can keep up with the runner’s every stride.

Q: Will there be drawbacks due to the Guiderails?

Not necessarily since it’s just there to keep the excess movement under control. You can still run or exercise comfortably.

Q: Are they supportive enough for long-term exercising sessions?

The crash pad cushioning will offer extra comfort while keeping the stress on the soles in check while you work out.


2. New Balance Fuelcore Nergize V1

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New Balance is anything but new to the OTF shoes world. Experienced trainers and trainees both have been outright relying on their sneakers to get through the workout sessions. And since they’re considerably affordable compared to other orange trainers, they’re a really great option in such situations.

As for the framework, it’s highly comfortable due to the 60% cotton construction. The rest is polymer for flexibility and a stretchy feeling. Pair that with the REVlite midsoles and you’ve got yourself the best orange theory shoes. 

Q: Are these shoes waterproof?

Unfortunately no, since it’s 60% cotton. But unless you actively soak them in water, they can withstand high levels of moisture.

Q: Are they available in different colors?

Yes, they’re available in multiple colors.

Q: What type of insoles do these shoes come with?

They come with NB memory foam soles for better comfort and convenience.


3. Adidas Grand Court Sneaker

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Adidas is always a prime choice when it comes to training shoes. They’re no less than OrangeTheory Nike apparel and accessories. The Grand Court Sneaker specializes in comfort since it’s 60% synthetic textile and 40% leather. As a result, they’re perfectly suspended between the athletic and sports configuration. While it’s not advisable to use them for tough sports, they’re great for exercising sessions like OTF. 

It also generates appropriate support due to the high shaft and platform measurements. To complement the high platform, they’ve pillow-soft cushioning to take all the blows. And this cushioning also doubles down as a shock-absorbing layer for proper functionality.

Q: Are these Uni-sex?

They’re categorized under Men’s but it doesn’t really make a difference due to the spacious compatibility.

Q: What type of uppers?

The Grand Court Sneakers have suede uppers.

Q: Are they true to size?

Mostly, yes. But it’s advised to go for a size up.


4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23

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The Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 23 is one of the best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness for three specific reasons. The first one is the affordable price point set by Mizuno. If you’re struggling to spend too much on OTF shoes, Mizuno’s got your back with the WaveRider 23.

It’s also got the iconic wave technology with the base being wave construction itself. As such, you truly get to experience that dynamic and flexible fitting while working out. Lastly, unlike many exercising shoes, the uppers on the Wave Rider 23 actually stretch. That’s a huge plus point considering how stressful and demanding OrangeTheory sessions can become.

Q: What does Wave Technology do?

It provides optimal shock absorption while keeping the uppers established.

Q: What type of midsoles will I get with the Wave Rider 23 from Mizuno?

This model particularly comes with U4ic midsoles.

Q: Are the shoes manufactured in the States?

No, they’re manufactured in Vietnam.


5. Vans Low-Top Trainers Sneakers

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For the best orange and black running shoes, Vans sneakers are always a reliable option. They’re not as pricey as Nike OrangeTheory shoes and can give similar support and comfort. The vulcanized construction alongside the rubber soles complements each other perfectly in terms of both durability and stretchability.

These low-top trainers will also come with original waffle outsoles with the signature strips. So, you can show them off to your fellow OrangeTheory enthusiasts while exercising. They also come in different colors & patterns so you can simply get these for every occasion. And the double-stitched uppers are great for preventing weariness in the long term.

Q: Are there sizing issues?

They’re explained in a slightly complicated manner so consult properly before purchasing.

Q: Are these original Vans?

Yes, these are original Vans.

Q: Are they affordable enough?

Pricing starts around 45 bucks and can go up to 250 as well.


6. Reebok Nano X1 Cross Trainers

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If you’re looking for Reebok CrossFit shoes orange, you should definitely check out the Nano X1 Trainers. They’re currently one of the best-selling exercising shoes from Reebok. Considering the price range still starts around 50 bucks, it’s a heavy steal while it lasts.

The most attractive features of these trainers – their versatility and flexibility. They can seriously adapt to any situation within a jiffy and install loads of confidence within you too. The special floatride memory foams offer decent cushioning while maintaining the overall integrity and sturdiness. And the EVA midsoles offer enhanced shock absorbance with stability.

Q: Are these good for speed runs?

They can take a lot before showing any visible signs of degradation.

Q: Does the memory foam cancel out proper responsiveness?

Not at all. The shoes have above-average responsiveness.

Q: Are these workout shoes?

Yes, they were specifically manufactured in the shadows of orange and black gym shoes.


7. Nike Flex Trainer 9 Sneaker

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In terms of the best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness, the Nike Flex Trainer 9 Sneakers are a perfect fit. While they’re not really workout shoes in the traditional sense, they have significant features that fit OrangeTheory nicely. They’re especially great for gigs that don’t rely on heavy physical translocation.

As they have a foot-hugging fit, they can offer great responsiveness and comfort without stressing out the soles. It’s like wrapping warm blankets around your feet while it’s snowing outside. The shoes descriptively follow your natural movements and work alongside you without slowing you down one bit.

Q: Are these Slip-On Sneakers?

Not necessarily but you can slide into them fairly easily.

Q: Is the foot-hugging fitting too restrictive?

Not at all. The stretchy materials allow proper circulation of air inside and outside the trainers.

Q: Can you lace these shoes up?

Yes, they have Flywire cables that you can use to tighten up the uppers.


Orange Cross Training Shoes: Buying Guide

If you’re going to buy the best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness, you might as well know what makes them the very best. Here’s a brief overview of all the factors you need to prioritize while getting OrangeTheory shoes.


By stretchability, you should more or less focus on the material. Fully leather shoes are a no-brainer right from the get-go. Those won’t last a day in the competitive training arena.

Instead, go for synthetic textile or mixed-material sneakers with rubber soles. However, do make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the components in advance.


You’re already going to be working and sweating a lot trying to complete the OrangeTheory sessions. So, maintaining comfort is pretty essential to make sure you don’t wear yourself out too much.

Cushioned soles help a lot in such cases. Again, certain sneakers may use engineered soles and uppers to ensure maximum breathability. Such sneakers are really comfortable and can pass off easily as orange cross-training shoes.


Breathability is not only essential in terms of comfort. It can prevent unwanted bacterial growth inside your soles while you’re working out for too many hours.

So, only purchase such shoes that allow proper air circulation within the soles and the uppers. Even if you’re in an AC room, it can still get musty inside if you’re not careful enough.


Not everyone can afford to spend a lot on simple workout shoes and we get that. So, the best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness should also have the price under control.

Here’s a simple trick – if you don’t need any additional features, don’t go for the overly pompous ones. They’re pretty much all show and no tell in most of the cases. 

Stick to the simplistic ones and watch them deliver peak consistency for months on end.


The terms and conditions for the durability of workout shoes are a little different. You can’t treat them the same as any other shoes and expect full functionality with such trainers/sneakers.

For instance – you’re not supposed to wear your OrangeTheory shoes unless you’re actually inside the training studio. Since they’re engineered differently for maximum functionality, it’s advisable to not expose them to outdoorsy components as much as possible.

Plus, weariness is a big issue as well. Don’t skimp out on the durability of the material in exchange for additional comfort. Like everything else in life, you need to maintain proper balance here as well. 

Advanced Precautionary Guidelines

  • It’s best to workout in a temperature-controlled room or studio
  • Don’t go for rigorous working sessions without proper supervision
  • Don’t use workout shoes for regular day-to-day operations or errands
  • Always clean your OrangeTheory shoes properly after coming home
  • If you sweat too much, don’t use shoes that easily get musty
  • Get your feet checked once in a while to ensure you’re not developing any skin diseases
  • If the sizing feels uncomfortable, don’t keep on wearing the same shoes
  • If you’re wearing socks, make sure to let your feet breathe properly from time to time
  • Wear different shoes on the road and inside the workout studio
  • If your shoes are breaking apart, change immediately to a different brand
  • While cleaning the shoes, always go through the instructions manual thoroughly

Final Verdict

So, did you have enough time to read all about the 7 best shoes for OrangeTheory fitness? And if so, did you manage to find the perfect pair of training shoes for your next OrangeTheory workout sessions?

Well, we certainly do hope that you did! The thing is – training shoes differ a lot from your usual work or dress shoes. While durability is a common factor for all these shoes, it’s much different for workout shoes. 

Normal shoes take damage over time due to constant exposure to natural phenomena like sunlight, dust particles, etc. But with orange theory shoes, the damage will be much more concentrated and specific due to the constant translatory motion during workouts.

Furthermore, they take more friction damage as well compared to normal shoes. So, keep all of that in mind before investing in your desired orange cross-training shoes. Best of luck with your workout routines and special programs! 


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