How To Not Crease Your Shoes – Practical Ways Explained

How To Not Crease Your Shoes

Shoe maintenance is crucial for its longevity and overall appearance. One of the biggest concerns for shoe enthusiasts is preventing unsightly creases that can damage the shoe’s material and reduce its value. In this post, I’ll share the main reasons behind shoe creases, tips for removing shoe creases, materialistic crease protectors that you can get … Read more

What Does PS Mean In Shoes?

What Does PS Mean In Shoes

Have you ever wondered ‘what does PS mean in shoes?’ It means the shoe sizing is suitable for preschoolers. It’s a category of shoe sizing that comes after Toddler and Before Grade School. It’s an everyday sneakers term found in the sizing section when you’re searching for shoes for a kid. Even though it’s most … Read more

Sneakers VS Shoes: 7 Significant Differences Between Them

Sneakers VS Shoes

You will hardly notice anyone confusing sneakers with shoes. Everyone knows they’re different. But, how much? If we create a comparison between sneakers vs. shoes, what will we find? Even though everyone knows sneakers differ from shoes, the specific differentiation may be unknown to many. That’s why I’ll discuss 7 significant differences between sneakers and … Read more