How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes USPS?

Even though shoes are one of the most straightforward products to ship due to their lightweight nature, shipping cost is always a concern. It’s natural to search for the cheapest option for shipping footwear regardless you want to ship a single pair of shoes or more. 

USPS comes to mind when you say the cheapest shipping method. You can get a mix of affordable rates for shipping shoes using the US Postal Service. However, the question remains- how much does it cost to ship shoes USPS? 

That’s what I’m going to discuss in this post today. Let’s see the best deal you can get in case you need some shoes shipped. 


How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes USPS

If we’re not talking specifically about shoes, you can get three shipping methods from USPS. The first one is First Class Mail. 

You can get an affordable rate if you want to ship only a pair of shoes. If you can pack the footwear inside a bubble mailer, you can get rates as low as $3.80. However, that’s the starting rate for packages under 13 ounces. 

In case your package is more than 13 ounces, it’s better to go with the second method- Priority Mail flat rate shipping. It offers you an affordable rate depending on how much weight you’re shipping. The price varies depending on the package size, and you can ship up to 70 pounds using flat-rate shipping. 

Delivery duration is between 1-3 days. Remember that the product must have USPS packaging in order to be qualified for flat-rate shipping. The following rates are applicable for priority mail flat-rate shipping.

If you go for a padded envelope, the rate is $8.30.The next package is a small box with a dimension of 8.625 inches X 5.375 inches X 1.625 inches that also charges you the same as the padded envelope. 

For larger packages, you can choose a medium or large box that will cost you $15.05 and $21.10, respectively. 

Another wise option is to use the special priority mail shoe box. It’s particularly suitable for packing shoes and clothes in it, especially for businesses. You need to insert boxed shoe pairs inside the mail shoe box, seal it, label it, and ship it to the desired location. 

You can find 10-15 boxes in a pack of Priority Mail Shoe Boxes. Each of them is 7.375 inches x 5.25 inches x 14.875 inches in dimension. These boxes have the ability to hold different shoe sizes. If you’re going lower, it can hold women’s 5 shoe sizes, and if you’re going higher, it can hold men’s 13 shoe sizes.  


Other Methods Of Shipping Shoes

If you decide not to go with USPS, there are other methods of shipping shoes too. You can either go with UPS or FedEx shipping. These are parcel shipping methods, and the rates vary depending on the package size and delivery duration. 

The cost vastly varies for parcel shipping depending on the package size and how fast you want your package shipped. You can get overnight shipping too if you have such urgencies, but it’ll cost you a lot more than the usual rate. 

However, if you want to go for the cheapest option and ensure that the delivery is within a short time, there isn’t any other better option than the USPS. 


Proper Ways Of Packing Shoes For Shipping

To avoid any damage and keep the weight to a minimum, follow the instructions below. 

  • If you’re shipping used shoes, make sure you clean them before packing. If the shoes are made of leather, gently wipe them clean. If they’re suede shoes, you can use a shoe brush to clean them. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the shoes. Make sure the shoes are completely dry before you place them inside the final packaging. 
  • Different shoes come in different designs. Some of them may come with zippers and embellishments. To ensure that one shoe doesn’t damage another, wrap them with paper. This is especially effective when you’re using the same box for multiple shoes. 
  • Selecting the perfect box size for a pair of shoes is essential. You don’t want too big of a box to pack the shoes. In comparison, you don’t want it to be too small either. If the box is too small, you’ll have to force the shoes inside, creating a possibility of damaging the shoes. If there’s space around the shoes, use bubble wrap to fill them so they don’t move around when shipping. 
  • If you’re shipping the shoes in their original box, you can insert the shoebox into a bigger box to keep them protected. 
  • Make sure to tape the box securely before you label it with the correct information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost to ship a pair of shoes?

Assuming that you’re using the USPS service, the shipping charge can range from $3.80 to $71.35, depending on how big your package is and how quickly you want them delivered. If you’re okay with a comparatively slower delivery, it will charge you relatively lesser. 


Q. What size box do I need for shoes?

Make sure that the box you’re using is slightly larger than the shoes. But don’t take a box that’s too large. You only need enough space to bubble wrap the shoes so that they stay secure inside the box.  


Q. How much does it cost to ship shoes using parcel shipping?

The cost of parcel shipping can range from $13.69 to $146.34. The rate varies based on origin, travel speed, and travel distance. Needless to say, a slower delivery time will cost you less. 


Q. How do I ship shoes without their original box?

For shoes that don’t have their original boxes, you can insert them into any other package that fits the shoes. Make sure the box has some space inside so that you can wrap your shoes using paper or bubble wrap. Once boxed, don’t forget to tape and secure the box before labeling it. 


Final Words 

Hopefully, your concern about how much it cost to ship shoes to USPS has been covered in this article. It’s better to know your rates before approaching any shipping method. This way, you’ll know what to expect based on your urgency and package weight.

If you don’t want to use the Postal Service, you can go for parcel shipping. However, they cost you comparatively higher than the USPS. USPS is the best option for an affordable shipping method, especially if you’re trying to ship shoes.

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