9 Ideas On How To Keep Feet From Sweating In Work Boots

Boots are essential for the workplace and you can’t help it even if you have feet sweat problems. The problem gets really annoying especially when you have to work for hours in your workplace and therefore you cannot pull off the boot anytime. On top of that, the sweat can make your sock and feet both stinky so if you can see some awkward stares as well, you can’t ignore the problem anymore. 

Thus, how to deal with this disturbing embarrassment? Hereby, we brought some awesome solutions on how to keep feet from sweating in work boots. Keeping your feet clean, and wearing breathable boots and quality socks can help you in this case. But for a more reliable long-term solution, we have gathered everything here in detail!

So, what are you waiting for? Just hop right in and get all the necessary methods that you can try on to get off that embarrassment. Later on, we will also share additional information like suggestions for breathable work boots, the type of boots that you should choose, and some products that can help you escape from this problem.


How To Keep Feet From Sweating In Work Boots?

Wearing boots is the favorite style of many people out there. But police, soldiers, and the military, have no other option than to wear boots. In fact, if you are in a workplace, then you must wear boots all the time and the most ridiculous problem you can face is sweaty feet.

Sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable but also it can make us face many other issues such as rashes, fungus, and other foot issues. So here are a bunch of solutions on how to keep your feet from sweating in work boots that will show you the path of keeping your feet from sweating in work boots. Let’s find out in detail!


Escape- 1: The Effectiveness Of Baking Soda Rocks 

You can use baking soda to protect your feet from excessive sweat and bad odors. The acidic ingredients of baking soda help keep the feet clean and prevent bacteria from growing in the feet. This eliminates the problem of excessive sweating.

To do this, first, clean the feet thoroughly, and rub a little baking soda on your feet. The aforementioned method will stop excessive sweating on the feet. If you want, you can also unfurl some baking soda in the boots. It will keep your feet free from sweat for a longer amount of time.

Tip: first, check if your skin is irritative to baking soda or not. Unknowingly many people cannot tolerate baking soda on their sensitive skin and this can cause further problems if you do not check beforehand.


Escape- 2: Absorbent Socks Will Become Your Gain

If your feet keep sweating inside the work boots then here’s a thought, you should go with absorbent socks. We have tried this method and it worked impressively fine for us. But one special point should be considered, the socks you pick should not be regular cotton socks. Cotton does not offer any quality of keeping our feet from sweating in work boots.

That’s why you need to pick high-quality socks made with high-grade materials. The materials should be polyester or Coolmax or DryMax. These socks will absorb all the sweat and keep your feet comfortable and cooler. They are helpful for any kind of sweat rashes as well.

Now the thing is, polyester or Coolmax, or DryMax socks are fine if you are working on winter days. But what about the summer? What you can do is, use breathable cotton, wool socks on hot days.

Avoid heavy fabrics like nylon because it gets wet with sweat. Synthetic socks are often effective for problems with sweaty feet, as they provide better air perambulation and absorb more sweat. Also, they absorb moisture from the feet. Natural fiber socks are also great for some people. Natural materials are often highly absorbent which makes your feet less sweaty and more comfortable.


Escape- 3: Antifungal Foot Powder Is Highly Efficacious 

Antifungal foot powder is available in the market nowadays, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps to keep the feet dry. People who have problems with sweating are seen to sweat more on their feet than in other parts of the body. You can use a special type of foot powder to prevent it. It helps to keep the sweat glands off for a while.

In the case of foot powder, to deal with your sweaty feet and the odor, you can check this product out. Our experience with this one is just awesome in one word. Now it’s time for you to stick to it!


Escape- 4: Foot Deodorant Is An Addition 

Maybe, you never heard of foot deodorant. But it exists! You can apply foot deodorant before putting on your boots for greater protection. There are several formats of foot deodorants on the market: the spray format is more comfortable and provides a greater sensation of freshness, and the powder format with zinc oxide and silica is more absorbent.

Here is our favorite foot deodorant if you are confused about which one to get, check it out on Amazon. You can apply it at night to get good results and get up in the morning and wash your feet. Or you can also use it before you go to work wearing your boots.


Escape- 5: The Most Significant One- Choose Proper Work Boots

Wear good quality work boots. Abstain from synthetic materials, plastics, and rubbers. As you are looking for boots for your workplace, the shoes must be comfortable and wearable all the time. Your foot must be able to feel free and cool, avoiding overheating and tightness. If you’re wearing closed-toe lace-up boots, don’t over-tighten them.


Escape- 6: Picking Up Boots Weather-wise Will Save You

If you work in an area of warm weather then you should go with the choice of military boots, lightweight, summer boots, and not waterproof boots. Waterproof boots contain heavy waterproof materials which make our feet sweaty in a couple of minutes.

The lightweight boots will make your feet comfortable. Moreover, no matter how long you wear and walk with them, they won’t let your feet become sweaty.

On the other hand summer boots and military boots are made in a way that the materials don’t let your feet sweat at all. So if you get boots that ensure that they will provide your feet cool then your feet won’t sweat anymore.


Escape- 7: Using Antiperspirants Sounds Like A Blessing 

In pharmacies or cosmetic stores, you can find some antiperspirants that contain low doses of aluminum. Even using these antiperspirants can provide temporary relief from this type of problem. The antiperspirant ingredient in liqueur tea is useful for preventing foot sweat problems. You can also soak your feet in three or four tea bags for 30 minutes with hot water.


Escape- 8: Provide Proper Air Circulation

One thing we always believe when people get troubled with how to keep their feet from sweating in work boots is that air circulation should be a topmost priority. You should always find a shoe that will arrange proper air circulation inside your boots. The boots must let your feet breathe.

Besides if you’re in a place where you can take off your boots and socks for a few whiles then do so as well. If your socks are soaked in sweat then let them dry first. Otherwise, your feet will feel uncomfortable and more sweaty. Taking off the boot and socks for even 5 minutes will help a lot.


Escape- 9: Using Lemon Drops And Baking Soda Is So Worthwhile Yet Underrated 

Another unpopular yet effective solution should be the mixture of lemon drops and baking soda. Prepare the solution and get a brush then clean your feet with that solution. Make sure that you are using a high-quality brush that is soft enough.

Don’t do the procedure for more than 3 minutes. Lastly, wash your feet, dry your feet with a towel, and apply moisturizer. If you do this once a week your feet won’t keep sweating inside the work boot anymore.


Can Regular Cooling Feet Powder Help With Feet Sweat In Boots? 

If you always deal with sweaty feet then cooling feet powder is not unfamiliar to you. Good quality Cooling powders can easily handle sweaty feet as they can keep your feet from sweating in work boots. All you have to do is apply some cooling feet powder on your feet before wearing socks and work boots.

Before wearing the boots also put some powder inside the boots. That will moisturize the sweat and save you from sweating issues. But we regret to say that it won’t be a convincing option to hold on to. After a few whiles, your feet will be all sweaty again.


Can Foot Powder For Sweaty Feet Help In Boots?

Obviously. When we wear our regular boots or work boots all day long our feet keep sweating and make us face thousands of irritating issues. At that phase, you should consider foot powder as your companion. Using foot powder will keep your feet from sweating in boots. Even the sweaty feet inside your work boots can be dealt with foot powder.

You can also put some powder inside your boot. That will moisturize the sweat of the foot as well as provide a comfortable space for your sweaty feet. Moreover, the bacteria which come with the odor of sweaty feet can’t attack your feet when you use foot powder. Foot powder can deal with fungus and other irritating foot issues.

Clean your feet and sprinkle some foot powder on your feet. Then wear the socks and also sprinkle some more powder inside the boot. And your feet will be saved from any kind of sweaty feet issues and your feet won’t sweat much. Here are some incredible foot powders that can be your savior!

Dr. Scholl’s Odor-x Sweat Absorbing Foot Powder

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What we liked about this one is it stays all day long to protect your feet from sweats and being stinky. What else can be more of a blessing? On top of that, it is safe for sensitive skin and it is approved by medical personnel as well. So you can wear your work boot all day long without any sweat and odor if you use this one!


Lotrimin Daily Sweat & Odor Control Medicated Foot Powder

Here is another one that we must suggest from Walmart. This one contains 6 odor-fighting ingredients, so no more worries of bad sticking out of feet in work boots. All your feet’ sweat will be absorbed perfectly even though it contains no talc! You can work without any embarrassment in your work boot with this one.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the best work boots for sweaty feet?

The best work boots for sweaty feet should be summer boots, military boots, and lightweight boots. They are made in a way that they hardly let your feet produce sweat. They provide proper air circulation as well. Lightweight shoes will make you feel comfortable and non-sweaty.


Which boots should I avoid to keep my feet free from sweating?

Waterproof shoes undoubtedly! Waterproof shoes are made with heavier materials that make your feet feel uncomfortable and don’t give your feet any space to breathe or move. That’s why while searching for work boots don’t search for waterproof ones.


Will letting my feet have enough air circulation help with the sweat issue? 

Definitely. Moreover, if you find a proper place then take off your shoes and socks during a busy day and let your feet breathe properly. The breathing won’t let your feet sweat for hours.


Does sweating in work boots harm our feet? 

Though it’s bitter, sweating indeed causes a lot of bad effects on our feet. Sweating in work boots which we wear all day long produces bacteria inside the boot that causes rashes, fungus, and many incurable diseases to our feet. That’s why you can’t help finding a solution on how to keep feet from sweating in work boots to keep your feet from sweating inside work boots or any other shoes.


Bottom Line 

Sweat-soaked feet quickly start to grow bacteria. The effect of these bacteria is to cause a bad odor on the feet. In your workplace, the odor can create embarrassment for you. On top of that, it is very uncomfortable to wear work shoes all day long especially when your feet are sweaty.

Hopefully, our given ways on how to keep feet from sweating in work boots have been wonderfully beneficial for you. We have tested the methods and each one of those worked perfectly fine for us.

We would like to give focus on the foot powders that we suggested because we truly got amazing results from those. In fact, after just using it once, our feet seemed to be dry and good all day long even in the hot summer. So that’s a true recommendation if you ask us. The rest is your decision. Follow our given ways and rock the work!

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