7 Solutions On How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

Shoe heels wear and tear are very common if you use them regularly. But some of the shoe heels tend to wear down even if you don’t wear those that much. It’s frustrating to see your favorite pair of shoe heels getting worn down after a while, it sucks! Especially when you have already set up an outfit in mind with the heels and you occur this nuisance, it’s intolerable even to watch. 

But, hold on there because you can always stop this problem if you follow a few measures. Here we brought solutions on how to stop shoe heels from wearing down. In a nutshell, replacing the heel, proper walking patterns, and using rubberized coating can help you avoid this problem.

In our elaborated solution, we will focus more on the precautions that you can take. Alongside, we will also give you some tips to repair your shoe heels that have already worn down. You will get to see some recommended products that will help you in that case as well. Let’s get rolling into the solutions!


How To Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down? 

Well, if this eases your anger, we must say that you are not the only individual who has encountered this issue, many people feel irritated because of this problem. While wearing and tearing after a certain period is normal for shoe heels, if that’s happening between one or two months, that is a serious concern that you should take seriously to avoid recurring.

So here we gathered a few solutions on how to stop shoe heels from wearing down for you which might help you to solve this problem. Let’s not hover anymore and learn how to get into the real deal!


Solution-1: Replacing The Heel Is An Easy Getaway

You can’t walk with a heel that has worn down, it will cause heel pain and injuries in some cases. As the heel of the shoes often wears down because of rough walking, putting pressure on them, and lack of quality, so you have to replace the heel whenever it wears down.

You will find the heel at any of the shoe stores. The price actually depends on the area you are living in. But it won’t cost you more than $30. Replacing the heel is the easiest solution ever. Though you cannot do it yourself, you can visit a cobbler to help you out.

Replacing the worn-down heel with a newly bought one will provide you with a stronger and more durable heel that won’t go down easily. Make sure to match the color and pattern of your current shoe before you buy a new heel for your shoe.

If you cannot find a good one, you can contact the store you bought the shoe from, or many cobbler stores can customize a heel for your shoe.


Solution-2: Setting Shoe Rubber Taps On The Heel

Along with the heel, the whole sole of the shoe wears down if you walk a lot. That’s why people have invented a durable rubber tap way that can be attached to the outsole of the shoe. This slows down the wearing of your shoe heels magically. When we say magically, trust us, you will see the difference by yourself once you start using these shoe taps.

You can find rubber taps in shoe stores or hardware stores. If you don’t want to search for it, you can get it from Amazon as well. Here is the one that has helped us prevent the shoe heels from wearing out. It comes in a package in different sizes.

You can attach these taps to your shoe using the nails that are included in the package. The nails will hold the taps tightly with your heel and protect the heels from wearing down.


Solution-3: Apply Rubberized Coating

Find a cobbler in your area and ask him to rubberize the whole sole of your shoe. Rubberizing the whole sole will cover up the worn-down area of the heels. Rubberizing is better because that will not only protect your soles and heels but also will keep the balance so that your walking experience remains comfortable and reliable.

However, getting your shoe heels rubberized will ensure great protection and will stop the shoe heel from wearing down. If you have a favorite pair of shoes that you are afraid of getting worn down, you can rubberize the soles and heels even after buying the shoe as aforethought.


Solution-4: Attaching Rubber Heel Protectors Under Shoe Heels

You will find rubber heel protectors to attach underneath your shoe heels. The heel protectors work wonderfully well to stop your shoe heels from wearing down. These protectors also add up to the comfort while you walk. No matter how roughly you use your shoes, attaching the heel protectors will always save your heels from getting ruined.

Although many people don’t like to go with this solution because it’s a little uncomfortable at first while walking with the rubber heel on, once you get used to it, it won’t bother you at all. Attaching a rubber heel is a great idea because that’s very effective.

Dr. Foot Self-Adhesive Non-Skid Shoe Pads Anti Slip Shoe Grips for High Heels, Anti-Shedding Non-Slip Rubber Sole Protectors is one that we used for years and it doesn’t only protect the shoe heels from wearing down but also provides better traction while you walk. This will help you get rid of slippery shoe heels as well. So the versatility is ensured excellently!


Solution-5: Right Walking Can Save Your Shoe Heels 

Your walk pattern impacts your shoe life even if you don’t agree with this. So following the proper method of walking is necessary if you want to stop your shoe heels from wearing down. In this case, try to maintain and balance the pressure everywhere inside the shoe.

Maintaining the pressure balance won’t put all the pressure in one place and that won’t lead to shoe wear. If you want to avoid side wear of your shoe heels, maintain an upright posture. A relaxed upright posture can help you save your shoes from getting worn down.


Solution-6: Don’t Use The Same Shoes Repeatedly 

Let’s get straight to the point if you use the same shoes over and over regularly, the possibility of that pair being worn down is higher than usual. So if you can, it’s better not to wear one pair of shoes over and over every day. Use multiple shoes for your weekly outings.


Solution-7: Proper Maintenance 

You cannot ignore the importance of proper maintenance to keep your shoe heels protected from wearing down. In that case, wearing them in the right manner always stands out. Also, don’t keep your shoes in a moist place after wearing them. If your shoe is not waterproof, then try to keep it away from water. Therefore, you will be able to keep your shoe heels safe from wearing down.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my shoe heel wear down?

That happens because the shoe heel is the portion that carries most of the pressure. While walking it is the first place where we put pressure. If you walk a lot then the shoe heel will go restrained sooner. But most often it happens because of the low quality of shoes.


What should I do when my shoe heel wears down? 

If you don’t take any measures for stopping your shoe heels from wearing down then today or tomorrow that will be bad for you to use. At that phase, the only thing you can do is replace the heel. You can use a heel protector after buying the shoe as well. That way your shoe will get a high-quality stronger heel.


What is the most effective way of stopping shoe heels from wearing down?

Using rubber heel protectors works the best. But Rubberised coating also works great. Rubberizing happens in the hands of cobblers, who are professional and do the work perfectly. Moreover, rubberized coating stops the whole sole from wearing down along with the heel.


Is it impossible to stop shoe heels from wearing down?

No, not at all. It’s not a personal issue, thousands of people face this problem. So as expected there are plenty of solutions that can prevent your shoe heels from wearing down. You can use one of the solutions that we suggested according to your choice to stop your shoe heel from wearing down.


Is getting an external rubber heel total waste of money?

Of course not. Getting an external rubber heel might seem to be a dull-witted option at first but trust us, it’s not. Although it feels a little uncomfortable at first, once you get used to that you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Furthermore, that gives great protection to your shoe heels and stops the shoe heels from wearing down.


What to do if my heel hurt from wearing worn-down shoes?

One of the solutions that you can rely on is a heel guard. You can buy a heel guard from any of your favorite brands. You can get that for $10 to $30. But it’s better if you get a high-quality heel guard. That’s worth the money.


Wrapping Up 

As shoe heels wearing down is a very common issue, there are several ways that are invented to stop this problem. By now, you know our elaborate discovery on how to stop shoe heels from wearing down. We hope that our given solutions have been entirely helpful to you.

Wearing down happens even sooner with those shoes which are used for running or regular walking. So if you want a tip, then we would suggest not using the same shoe everywhere. Wearing the same shoe everywhere will lessen the lifespan of your shoe soles and cause heels to wear down.

We have suggested some protectors that come in super handy in case protecting your shoe heels from wearing out. Try out those and you will thank us for sure. However, proper maintenance can give your shoes a longer lifespan than usual.

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