What Does PS Mean In Shoes?

What Does PS Mean In Shoes

Have you ever wondered ‘what does PS mean in shoes?’ It means the shoe sizing is suitable for preschoolers. It’s a category of shoe sizing that comes after Toddler and Before Grade School. It’s an everyday sneakers term found in the sizing section when you’re searching for shoes for a kid. Even though it’s most … Read more

What Does 4E Mean In Shoes? [Easy Explanation]

It’s a common incident to stumble upon the term ‘4E’ when shopping for shoes. But what does 4E mean in shoes? Well, it’s a term used for measuring wide shoes’ width. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The terms used for wide shoes are sometimes very confusing to all of us. Sometimes it’s … Read more

Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together? [4 Possible Reasons]

Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together

Rubbing feet together is observed in humans and animals. This instinctual behavior generates warmth, provides comfort, and eases stress, promoting relaxation and well-being by increasing blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.   Why Do People Rub Their Feet Together? Animals and people alike have been witnessed engaging in the primal ritual of rubbing their feet … Read more

Gordon Rush Shoes Reviews 2023 – Expert Opinion

Gordon Rush Shoes Reviews

When you think about luxury shoes, you can’t help but think of Gordon Rush reviews. It’s an American brand that blends classical design into modern footwear. Of course, that’s all well and known.  If you’re a fan of leather and you value classic and timeless designs, you’ll love almost all rush Gordon rush shoes. However, … Read more