How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes USPS?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes USPS

Even though shoes are one of the most straightforward products to ship due to their lightweight nature, shipping cost is always a concern. It’s natural to search for the cheapest option for shipping footwear regardless you want to ship a single pair of shoes or more.  USPS comes to mind when you say the cheapest … Read more

What Does BG Mean In Shoes?

What Does BG Mean In Shoes

BG in shoes refers to grade school sizing for boys. It indicates sizes suitable for children who have outgrown toddler sizes but are not yet in adult sizes, typically for ages 6 to 12 years old.   What Does BG Mean In Shoes? BG is an acronym that is frequently used in the footwear industry … Read more

Where Are Muck Boots Made?

Where Are Muck Boots Made

If you’re someone with an interest in outdoor activities, muck boot must be a familiar name to you. They are super helpful to keep your feet safe and work as a water-resistant barrier. Besides, they’re useful in snowy situations too. Many users wonder where are muck boots made and what their origin is. Well, this … Read more

How Long Do Doc Martens Last?

How Long Do Doc Martens Last

Everyone who has ever used a pair of Doc Martens will give you the same feedback. There is no argument about the quality of Doc Martens. What we’ll talk about today is- how long do Doc Martens last?  This brand is famous for its longer-lasting footwear. Even though there is no specific time frame of … Read more

What Are Crocs Made Out Of?

What Are Crocs Made Out Of

Crocs have been on an incredible journey from the beginning. Nowadays, everyone is wearing Crocs. Even celebrities seem to love Crocs these days.  Have you ever wondered what are Crocs made out of? What makes them odor-resistant and suitable for use on slippery surfaces? There are other benefits, of course. But the question is, what … Read more

Can You Wear Soccer Cleats For Football?

Can You Wear Soccer Cleats For Football

If you’re asking whether you can wear soccer cleats for football or not, the answer is yes, you can. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the proper thing to do. There are a lot of things to understand when you want to use your soccer shoes as your football shoes.  Shoes … Read more

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small

Nike Huaraches is one of the most popular pairs offered by Nike. They made their debut in 1991, and a Mexican sandal type inspired the name.  Huaraches are also known for their different sizing. As you already know, Nike shoes tend to run a bit smaller compared to other brands. Huarache runs even smaller than … Read more