Does Adidas Run Big? Clear All Confusions About Sizing

Users buying Adidas for the first time are always confused about the sizing. When getting your shoe online, matching the shoe size to yourself can become a real hassle. That’s why it’s better to be clear about at least one thing. Does Adidas run big or small? 

I’ve seen controversies among users about this particular issue. Some of them claim that Adidas shoes are true to size. In comparison, some say that the shoes run either big or small. 

So, which one of these users’ feedback do you think is true? To answer your question, they’re all true. Let’s see how. 


Does Adidas Run Big?

Whether an Adidas shoe will be true to size or run big depends on the sneaker cut. Some shoes run big, some of them run small, and some are true to size. 

More specifically, most Adidas shoes are true to size, and they all follow the exact sizing measurement. A few exceptions are Ultraboost, Cloudfoam, and Gazelle. 

Adidas Ultraboost 

Ultra foam is an excellent choice for running. They’re lightweight and get you enough cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. 

If you’re considering Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 or 2.0, you’ll have to size up. For example, if you wear a size eight, I suggest you go for an 8.5 shoe. 

Ultraboost 3.0, in comparison, is true to size. So stick to your original shoe size. 

Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas Cloudfoam is excellent for people who need arch support. It’s a popular shoe among nurses who stand on their feet for long hours because they provide comfortable cushioning, particularly for women’s feet. 

Users have reported Adidas Cloudfoam shoes for women running big. However, it’s not always the case. You may have to go down half a size to get the perfect fitting. 

If you can’t verify if a Cloudfoam shoe will run big or not, it’s better to choose the original size. Then, if it’s not the proper fit, you can exchange it for a smaller size. 

Adidas Gazelle

Adidas Gazelle is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for some casual shoes. They may not be great for running but provide ample support when you’re performing exercises like weightlifting

If you have standard feet, a pair of Gazelle should fit you fine. However, going up half a size will be a smart move to make if you have wide feet. Even if the shoes don’t fit you initially, you’ll feel really comfortable once they settle. 

But, it’s better to get a perfect size from the beginning. 


Adidas Shoe Sizing Chart 

You’ll notice a wide range of shoe sizes Adidas offer, and most of them come in half sizes. So, you can choose your shoe size depending on whether you want a tight fit or not. 

Heel to toe measurement US- Men’s US- Women’s UK EU JP
8.7 4 5 3.5 36 220
8.9 4.5 5.5 4 36 2/3 225
9.0 5 6 4.5 37 1/3 230
9.2 5.5 6.5 5 38 235
9.4 6 7 5.5 38 2/3 240
9.5 6.5 7.5 6 39 1/3 245
9.7 7 8 6.5 40 250
9.8 7.5 8.5 7 40 2/3 255
10.0 8 9 7.5 41 1/3 260
10.2 8.5 9.5 8 42 265
10.4 9 10 8.5 42 2/3 270
10.5 9.5 10.5 9 43 1/3 275
10.7 10 11 9.5 44 280
10.9 10.5 11.5 10 44 2/3 285
11.0 11 12 10.5 45 1/3 290
11.2 11.5 12.5 11 46 295
11.3 12 13 11.5 46 2/3 300
11.5 12.5 13.5 12 47 1/3 305
11.7 13 14 12.5 48 310
11.9 13.5 14.5 13 48 2/3 315
12.0 14 15 13.5 49 1/3 320
12.2 14.5 15.5 14 50 325
12.4 15 14.5 50 2/3
12.7 16 15 51 1/3
13.0 17 16 52 2/3
13.3 18 17 53 1/3
13.7 19 18 54 2/3
14.0 20 19 55 2/3


How To Measure Your Shoe Size?

There’s a straightforward way of measuring your shoe size. All you need is a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a ruler. Follow the instructions below to know your shoe size. 

  • Take a blank piece of paper and place it on the floor, keeping one end attached to the wall. 
  • Place your foot on the paper and outline your feet using your pencil. If you can’t comfortably do it, ask a friend to help you. 
  • Take your ruler and put it on top of the paper. Measure the length from the heel to the longest toe. 
  • Match this measurement with the shoe size and determine which one will fit you perfectly. 

5 Tips For Adidas Sizing

You’ll save a lot of trouble only by being a bit cautious. Imagine returning your shoe several times and still not getting the perfect fit. To avoid such unwanted hassles, here are some tips for you. 

1. Be Sure Of Your Shoe Size

Measure your feet if you’re buying shoes after a long time. Even when you’re going for the same type of shoes, the new ones may not fit you. Old shoes can stretch over time, making them more comfortable for your fit. 

So, even if your feet size has changed, the old shoes will fit you. However, the new ones may not. In addition, going through pregnancy, weight loss, or gain can influence your shoe size. 

That’s why never leave anything to chance. Instead, measure your feet and get the right size the first time.

Adidas suggests you measure your feet in the evening. Then, after all-day activities, your feet get all worked up, and that’s the actual size of your feet. 

Getting a half-size smaller shoes may fit you initially. But they can be really uncomfortable when you’re wearing them for the whole day. 

2. Check The Measurement Chart

If it’s your first time buying an Adidas shoe, it’s wise to check their size chart. Not all brands are equal to each other when it comes to sizing their shoes. For example, Nike is different in size from Adidas. 

3. Go For An Absolute Fit

Larger shoes than your size can make you feel uncomfortable. This is because your feet will keep slipping inside the shoe as you walk. That’s not a sign of properly fitted shoes. 

In comparison, tight shoes can induce pain, and using them for a long time can cause foot disorders. 

4. Take Socks And Soles In Consideration

Thick soles and socks can decrease the room inside your shoes. So, remember that when selecting your shoe size. You can go half a size up if you want to avoid a tight-fitting shoe. 

Even with sandals and slides, if you wish to use socks, the size may differ. When using an extra sole, don’t forget to remove the existing one first. 

5. Test Run 

For in-store purchases, walk around after wearing the shoe. Some shoes may seem like a good fit, but they feel uncomfortable after you walk in them. Also, different shoes come in different shapes, and not all of them will suit your feet’ shape. 

As for online purchasing, do the same thing after buying. If you’re not comfortable, exchange it for another one. 

If you’re purchasing shoes for any particular reason like running, basketball, or football, make sure they’re the proper ones. Different shoes come with unique features, making them suitable for a specific cause.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all Adidas shoes run big? 

Most Adidas shoes are true to size according to users, except for Gazelle, Cloudfoam, and Ultraboost. Adidas Cloudfoam and Gazelle run half a size big, according to some users. In comparison, Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0 run small. 


Q. Are Adidas shoes true to size? 

With a few exceptions, almost all Adidas shoes are true to size. They also provide a clear understanding of how you can measure your shoe size. 


Q. Are all Adidas shoes follow the same size?

All shoes from Adidas use the exact sizing measurement. However, slight differences occur depending on the shoe type. For example, some shoes come with a narrow cut and may provide you a tight fit. In comparison, some have more room inside the heel area to provide you with more room for your feet. 


Q. What are Adidas Cloudfoam suitable for?

Among other regular uses, you can use your Adidas Cloudfoam for running too. If you can get the perfect fit, they’re an excellent choice for running and provide comfortable support to your feet.


Final Words 

Hopefully, you got the idea about Adidas sizing. Even though all Adidas shoes are made using the same sizing specification, they are not the same in structure. So, a few of them may run big, and a few may run small. 

Other than Cloudfoam, Gazelle, and Ultraboost, it would be best if you stuck to your original shoe size. However, if you have wider feet, you may have to up your size by five, even with other shoes. 

So, does Adidas run big? Not all of them, but some of them do. 

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